Amazon FBI

A complete, integrated topic of how to sell on the largest site for selling goods in the world, and how to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, step by step from registration to the process of selling on the site…and some secrets

Amazon FBI

Amazon is the largest company and website for e-commerce and retail trade in the world, and it is one of the most popular and most credible markets in all, and perhaps like all people you have heard of this company and the wonderful services and goods it provides, but very few people know that the majority of The goods sold on the site are sold by ordinary people like you and me…and this makes it an irreplaceable opportunity for those wishing to enter the real e-commerce…with correct foundations and realistic ambitions.

What is Amazon FBI?

Amazon FBI or in English Amazon FBA is an abbreviation for the phrase fulfillment by amazon, if we translate it literally, it means fulfillment by Amazon and here the meaning becomes somewhat clear, so what is the Amazon FBI?
Amazon FBI is a service provided by Amazon to sellers and those wishing to enter the real e-commerce, where all you have to do is buy inventory and send it to the company’s warehouses, after the customer purchases the product from the site, the company receives the money from the customer, shipping the product to the buyer on behalf For you…also they will take care of all other matters on your behalf such as support service/refund/return of products…etc.
That is why this project is a paradise for those wishing to enter e-commerce due to the facilities that the company provides and what prevents it from the headache associated with e-commerce… Through what we have explained, the work steps in this project can be divided into three or four main steps:

You first register for the service through the company's website and we'll see how.

You purchase stock of the commoditAy and ship it to the company’s warehouses, where workers filter and organize it.

  • Amazon :display the product on the site

  • Amazon receive the money from the customer

  • Amazon ship the goods 

  • Amazon  take care of customer and customer service

  • Amazon  take care of the return of goods and the refund of money.

 In the end, the company deducts the fees for the service and takes the rest.

How does the Amazon FBI work?

The stages of Amazon FBI work and how the process takes place from the beginning to take your profits
When you do things right, you can expect this project to be your main source of income on the Internet.
What are the advantages of Amazon FBI and why would you want to work on this project?

Amazon is the number 1 e-commerce company in the world at the moment…with some competition from Chinese and American companies.
The company’s credibility in America and the world and the ability to purchase by customers, as the company has worked since its inception to improve its image with customers and has succeeded in that.
The company’s delivery service is considered the best in the world and is unrivaled in terms of speed or quality.
Convenience at work: When working on other e-commerce projects, you will have to work and check everything, and this is what Amazon removes from you, as it will take care of everything from shipping goods, customer service, returning goods and other services… All you will focus on is the marketing process and develop your product.
Storage space: You’ll never think of it, with Amazon it’s almost unlimited.

What are the pros and cons of Amazon FBI?

Fierce competition: Due to Amazon’s services and facilities, this project appeals to everyone who wants to engage in e-commerce…Therefore, in many cases, you will have to compete with many merchants over a specific product or niche.

⚡ Capital: In the Amazon FBI, you will need a significant capital just to start unlike other projects…so if you want to start from scratch, delete this project from your list until you have the necessary capital.

⚡ Taxes: you will have to deal with the tax authority according to the branch in which you work and according to the state… so take this into consideration.

⚡ Time: Success in Amazon FBI depends largely on your beating the competition and your search results, which may take time to achieve this.

⚡Additional Fee: If your merchandise remains in Amazon warehouses for long periods (above 6 months), Amazon will charge more for the item.

Amazon FBI or Dropshipping...Which is better? Definitely Amazon fba

82 percent of the population of the United States of America is subscribed to Amazon Prime… which means that they are definitely potential customers of Amazon and they pay monthly for Amazon services from discounts, free shipping, etc.
The majority of Americans, when they see the advertisement (dropshipping advertisement) and like the product, they search for it on Amazon and buy from there for many reasons: such as getting used to buying from the company, fast shipping service, the possibility of getting money back easily if they do not like the product…and others.


In dropshipping, sales will often stop as soon as you stop advertising, but in Amazon FBI, and as soon as you top the search results, sales will continue even if you stop your ads… and you should check the inventory of the item periodically because it may run out at any moment.
Dropshipping is currently considered a complement to the Amazon FBI, in which we test the products and verify whether they will be sold or not before buying a large stock for them, and perhaps losing a lot of money.
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